The Dream Team

We have a strong technical team from varied backgrounds who are committed to deliver
the best investment solutions to become the best and trusted provider for our clients.

Chana Zakon


Chana Zakon is a consummate legal professional and entrepreneur with over 16 years of experience in real estate as well as an attorney and accountant by training. Chana's career began at a law firm in New York where she assisted and executed lucrative real estate transactions. Chana's breadth of knowledge of law, finance, and real estate is a pillar of Wide Range Capital.

Pinny David


Pinny David is a businessman & entrepreneur with experience doing great business, always unwavering in achieving success. At 2007 founded Wide Range Capital as a joint venture that has enjoyed wonderful success

Marc Kogen

Executive Director / Technology

Yonathan Batirov


Barry Feerst


Zvi Ortner

Managing Partners

Rivka Ortner

Managing Partners

Steve Hampton

Director of acquisition & Development

Jannie B Bhitney

Vice President Sales and Business Development

Aron Benalul

Vice President Development & Construction

William Mckay

Senior Manager Construction

Isaac Robbins

Senior Manager Asset Management

Anthony Mullins

President Head of Acquisition

Matthew Rodger

Senior vice president Head of Research and Development

Samuel J Henson

Senior Analyst Technology Research

Bryan J Sanford

Executive Vice President and Portfolio Manager

Christine Russo

Trading Operation Manager

Simeon J Potter

Vice President Head of Research

Marina Lebedev

Senior Analyst Market Research

Ashley Nielson

Office Manager Startup Devision

Laila Beck

Account Executive

Reign Delacruz

Executive Manager Trading Operation


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