Since our inception in 2007, Wide Range Capital has worked tirelessly to create opportunity and value for our clients and investors. We believe in carefully investing in a wide variety of opportunities in real estate, stocks, bonds, and innovative start-up firms located around the world. Our mission is to provide our clients with a sound and secure diversified portfolio that will be safe in ever changing market conditions.

Wide Range Capital is based in the financial capital of the world; New York City, and we have over 40 exceptional professionals working diligently to generate lucrative returns for our clients and investors. Our talented staff includes financial advisors, seasoned real estate managers and a team of wholesale and retail manufacturing support JV partners with experience in investing and partnering with technology startup firms around the world. We have the capital and expertise to grow innovative start-ups into successful global companies. Wide Range Capital currently has $1 Billion + in real estate properties to invest in. We also have other unique opportunities like $370+Million in stock options and $230 Million+ in startups to invest in.

Under the steady leadership of our CEO Chana Zakon, Wide Range Capital will always stand true to our mission of growing our investors' portfolios while maintaining our core value of conducting business with honesty and integrity. We have investments ranging from $150,000 to $100,000,000 reflecting our philosophy that all investors, big or small, deserve to benefit from the abundance of lucrative financial opportunities in the global financial market.


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  • Wide Range Capital started in 2007 as a humble investment management company, and since then has grown to satisfy the needs of our valued clients. We have expanded into three separate business branches; real estate, stocks and bonds, and start-up firms, each with unique and exciting investment opportunities. Our exceptional team of analysts, researchers, and investors will work tirelessly to ensure our clients are satisfied with their experience and our results. Before Wide Range Capital's inception, our founder Chana Zakon recognized that there was an opportunity to fill the void of quality investment opportunities, diversified for safety and maximum returns. Thus began the work of making a platform that would make investing simple and profitable for our clients. We have since worked hard to handpick the best investment opportunities in the market for our clients and help them achieve their financial goals.
  • We are

    A sound market capital trading firm committed to finding diversified high quality investment opportunities thereby ensuring a proper balance between risk and reward. We are a firm which invests in start-ups and innovators of business and technology. We are a firm that invests, develops, and manages multi-family residential estates. We are always seeking the right opportunity for the right price.
  • Today we have $1B+ in real estate properties, $370M+ in stock options, and $230M+ in start-ups. Our investments in start-ups are particularly scrutinized to ensure quality with only 5% of deals clearing our due diligence process. It is our mission to ensure our clients are satisfied with their returns and experience.